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Everything You Need to Hit Your Goals

The [email protected] Full Package Membership provides unlimited access to [email protected] exclusive on-demand workouts.

[email protected] Full Personal Includes:

1xPremium Boxing Gloves1xFree-Standing Bag
1xFITT Shirt1xGlove Shoes
1x1 Yr. at home workouts with FITTHEOREM APP

[email protected] Free-Standing Bag

The [email protected] free standing bag is the best of its kind. Made with high-density foam padding for maximum impact absorption, it features the maximum padding, plus a longer striking area for practicing kicks and punches. The tapered base allows for an unimpeded stance for athletes of all sizes. Bag and base lock in place, while the base can be filled with water or sand. 


67″ tall, 18″ top diameter, 24″ base diameter

Base Weight

400 lbs. (sand), 270 lbs. (water)


2 part system with a hook-and-loop tension lock for assembly

[email protected] Premium Boxing Gloves

These premium, high quality training gloves marry the protection and function of a pro fight glove with a sleek, designer aesthetic…


Premium-Quality Material

Base Weight

12 or 16 Ounces


Fit theorem – Results by Design.
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Your Body, Your Goals, Your Lifestyle, Your FITT.

✔ Live Classes
✔ On-demand Classes
✔ Workout Weekly/Day Programs
✔ Mindset Classes
✔ Schedule for Studio Classes OR Live Classes
✔ Rate classes and share your feedback
✔ Buy cool looking gears from our Store

Next Release Add on Features:
✔ Heart Rate Monitor Integration
✔ Weighing Scale Integration
✔ Leaderboard
✔ Nutrition & Recipes
✔ One on one Coach fitting your needs and working on your goals
✔ Personalized workout and nutrition plan